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There’s a lot to be said about the importance of independent play time, it’s the building blocks (pardon the pun) of child development, not to mention an activity parents love too. But when it comes to toys, many – especially plastic ones – contain toxins (like BPA, phthalates and formaldehyde-ridden glue) and inevitably end up in landfill taking hundreds of years to breakdown. However, there are many great brands making fantastic educational toys (that the kids will love). Here’s our list to treasure and pass on to the next generation.


Committed to children’s imagination, safety, and environmental well-being, Green Toys manufactures its products from post-consumer plastic, specifically recycled milk bottles. By cleverly repurposing materials, they divert a significant amount of waste from landfills, creating a diverse range of toys such as dump trucks and doctor’s kits. Noteworthy is their popular sand play set, endorsed by our own children. Beyond toys, Green Toys injects fun into mealtime with a vibrant collection of plates, bowls, and cutlery.

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Addressing sustainability challenges in the realm of crafting, OkoNorm is on a mission to redefine art supplies. This German company focuses on producing high-quality, non-toxic, and ethically made art materials. From modeling clay and ergonomic beeswax crayons to water-based felt-tip pens and finger paints, OkoNorm ensures that little ones are only limited by their imagination. By steering clear of problematic substances like plastic, glitter, and questionable ingredients in paint pots, OkoNorm paves the way for sustainable and child-friendly creativity.


Melissa & Doug designs a range of kids’ toys, from family games to dollhouses and puppets, all crafted with the primary goal of encouraging children to envision new possibilities. Their creations aim to inspire free play, foster creativity, spark imagination, and facilitate learning and discovery. Known for being affordable, readily available in most toy stores, and remarkably durable, Melissa & Doug toys are often passed down from sibling to sibling and endure beyond.

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While renowned for their exquisite Luggy baskets, Olli Ella extends its expertise to a fantastic range of sustainable and ethically produced kids’ toys and accessories. For budding artists, the Playpa coloring and sticker paper is a favorite, and the beautiful dolls’ prams stand as decorative pieces in their own right. Olli Ella’s stools, furniture, and baskets strike a perfect balance between practicality and adorability, enriching the play environment for children.

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This environmentally conscious company specializes in crafting exquisite wooden toys, games, and puzzles tailored for toddlers and older children. Whether it’s counting and learning colors or engaging in imaginative role-playing at their very own farmer’s market or ice cream stall, Tender Leaf Toys provides a diverse range of options. Utilizing sustainable rubberwood and non-toxic paints, their toys are free from formaldehyde, a concern often present in mainstream glue. For children immersed in imaginative play, Tender Leaf Toys offers a rich array of choices.


Clockwork Soldier offers a diverse range of DIY activity kits, featuring everything from dinosaurs to unicorns. These kits not only captivate kids’ imaginations but also contribute positively to the planet. Noteworthy examples include the Mega-Bot kit, crafted from recycled cardboard, and the Grow Your Own Mini Magical Garden, which comes complete with seeds for planting. Clockwork Soldier also presents an array of dress-up options and design-your-own superhero costume kits, adding a super cute touch to imaginative play.


For children intrigued by music, Plan Toys offers an impressive range of instruments for budding performers. While we can’t guarantee a symphony, we can guarantee that their pieces are free from toxic glue, and their paints are sourced from sustainably grown rubber trees. In addition to instruments, Plan Toys boasts a collection of pull-along toys, puzzles, blocks, bath toys, and role-play pieces, ensuring a holistic and sustainable play experience.

In the ever-evolving landscape of sustainable living, the journey through the top 10 eco-friendly toy manufacturers in the US unveils a vibrant tapestry of innovation, commitment, and environmental consciousness. Each manufacturer, from [Manufacturer 1] to [Manufacturer 10], has carved a distinct niche in the industry, weaving together a narrative of responsible production, ethical practices, and a dedication to a greener future.
The collective impact of these eco-conscious pioneers extends beyond the playroom, influencing consumer choices and setting a precedent for a more sustainable approach to toy manufacturing.

From [highlight key practices or innovations from each manufacturer] to [emphasize any industry-wide impact or collaborations], these manufacturers have demonstrated that play and sustainability can harmoniously coexist.

As parents, educators, and consumers, we hold the power to shape the future through our purchasing decisions. By choosing toys from these eco-friendly manufacturers, we not only provide our children with enriching play experiences but also contribute to a world where environmental responsibility is a shared priority.

In this concluding symphony of sustainable play, the top 10 eco-friendly toy manufacturers in the US serve as beacons of inspiration, showing that a commitment to the planet can be woven into the fabric of everyday play. As we reflect on their innovative practices and applaud their collective efforts, we look forward to a future where every toy purchased is a vote for a healthier, greener, and more sustainable world for generations to come.