Playful pioneers with early learning toys for 5 year olds

Are you frustrated with purchasing gifts that fail to capture children’s interest?

Perhaps you find yourself with a collection of untouched toys still in their original packaging or a stack of neglected items beneath your child’s bed. When investing in toys, games, and gifts for children, the desire is for them to actively engage with and enjoy the items.

At Rearna, we strongly believe in the concept that play is a vital avenue for learning in children. This conviction fuels our commitment to consistently provide educational toys and materials for both homes and classrooms. Collaborating closely with early childhood experts and designers, we have crafted our own line of educational toys that align with developmental theory and best practices. These products boast durability for the demands of preschool environments while offering an enjoyable experience for children at home.

Selecting gifts for young children involves seeking out toys and materials tailored to their age and current developmental stage. This approach ensures that play activities stimulate cognitive and physical development, bolstering self-esteem and problem-solving skills. In this article, we present 12 gift ideas designed to nurture positive play and support the development of preschoolers aged three to five.

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Building Blocks and Puzzles for Preschoolers (Ages 3-5)

Blocks and puzzles are excellent tools for encouraging fine motor skills and imaginative thinking in children. Activities like stacking, sorting, and piecing together elements contribute to the development of small hand muscles, which prove crucial for tasks such as writing, drawing, and brushing teeth. These versatile toys can be enjoyed individually or with others, fostering positive bonding experiences with family members and peers.

Branch Blocks – 36 Pieces

Introduce the wonders of nature to indoor play with the 36-piece Branch Blocks set. Children can creatively stack these blocks to construct bridges, buildings, or even a cozy seating area for dolls. The textured bark on each block’s exterior engages tactile senses, aiding children in developing an awareness of sensations, including touch and response.

Magna-Tiles® Dino World – 40 Piece Set

Embark on imaginative play adventures with the Magna-Tiles® Dino World set, providing hours of entertainment with volcanoes, molten lava, and dinosaurs. This set features four magnetic dinosaurs – a t-rex, stegosaurus, pteranodon, and velociraptor – all seamlessly compatible with other Magna-Tiles® sets.

Arthur Toy House 3D Puzzle

Combine the charm of a puzzle with the functionality of a dollhouse with the Arthur Toy House 3D Puzzle. Bringing scenes from Marc Brown’s beloved books to life, children can assemble puzzle pieces to recreate Arthur’s house. Moving character pieces from room to room, they act out real-life scenarios, providing a creative outlet for expressing emotions and navigating situations encountered in their lives.

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Dramatic Play Gifts for Preschoolers (Ages 3-5)

Encourage imaginative exploration with dramatic play toys, enabling children to mimic real-world scenarios and societal roles. For instance, engaging in a pizza shop activity involves one child taking orders while another becomes the pizza chef. Through these play experiences, children develop essential skills such as conflict resolution, self-regulation, and creative thinking, laying the foundation for adulthood.

Compact Wooden Workbench with Tools

Immerse children in imaginative play with the Compact Wooden Workbench, featuring essential tools like a hammer, saw, and screwdriver. Assembling objects using wooden nuts and bolts, children enhance their creative thinking and problem-solving skills, fostering a sense of accomplishment. The workbench includes built-in compartments for easy tool storage after playtime. To extend the fun, introduce wooden blocks or loose parts for additional play and experimentation.

Fastening Learn to Dress Doll

Facilitate the development of fine motor skills and daily living activities with the diverse Fastening Learn to Dress Doll. Through interactions with zippers, snaps, buckles, and shoe laces, children engage in practical skill-building. Recognizing the influential role toys play in shaping perspectives, the diverse representation in this doll collection promotes positive self-views for all children. As they play with Learn to Dress Dolls, children cultivate respect for various genders, races, cultures, and more.

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Interactive and Creative Gifts for Preschoolers (Ages 3-5)

Nurture learning and growth through hands-on experiences with interactive play gifts for preschoolers. This engaging play style aids in retaining valuable information and skills, fostering active thinking processes that contribute to enhanced memory skills. The cognitive benefits of interactive play lay a foundation for the continued cognitive development of children as they age.

Little Learners Tablet

Immerse children in a comprehensive learning experience with the Little Learners Tablet, powered by Samsung. Loaded with pre-installed games covering literacy, mathematics, science, and social/emotional concepts, this tablet offers an interactive educational journey. Unlock the full Android potential by accessing the Google Play Store for additional apps like YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, and more.


Explore creativity with BendiBeads, crafted from translucent plastic as a unique alternative to traditional wooden blocks. Children can stretch and twist elastic strands, connecting beads to form shapes and 3D structures. Engaging with BendiBeads stimulates imagination, problem-solving, and fine motor skills, making it an excellent fidget toy for children with ADHD or those seeking an outlet for concentration, boredom, and anxiety.

Kids Weaving Loom

Introduce children to the world of textiles and weaving basics with the Kids Weaving Loom. Designed for young hands, this loom allows children to easily craft tapestries, hair accessories, and other woven items. It comes with three skeins of yarn, enabling children to start their creative projects right away.

Active Play Gifts for Preschoolers (Ages 3-5)

Foster the development of gross motor skills essential for daily activities by encouraging active play in preschoolers. The Teeter Popper Balance Board offers a dynamic experience where children can stand, wiggle, spin, rock, and twirl, enhancing core strength, coordination, and balance. For a structured challenge, the Obstacle Course & Balance Path Set features durable, interlocking pieces for creating various indoor or outdoor courses, promoting balance and coordination through engaging play.

Examples of Popular Early Learning Toys

Exploring specific examples within each category reveals the diverse array of toys available for 5-year-olds. For educational games, classics like “Candy Land” and “Guess Who?” have stood the test of time. In the realm of building and construction, LEGO sets and magnetic tiles continue to captivate young minds.

Language and literacy toys extend to interactive reading experiences with favorites like “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and educational games like “LeapFrog’s Letter Factory.” Fine motor skill development finds expression in creative endeavors with Crayola art supplies and hands-on activities like threading beads.

STEM toys for 5-year-olds encompass options like “Snap Circuits Jr.” for budding engineers and math manipulatives such as counting bears. These examples showcase the wealth of choices available to cater to different interests and learning styles.

Early learning toys for 5-year-olds play a vital role in nurturing a child’s cognitive, social, and emotional development. Parents and caregivers should actively engage in selecting toys that align with their child’s interests, ensuring a balance between educational value and playful enjoyment. As children explore the world through play, the right toys become invaluable tools for shaping their early years and preparing them for a future of continued learning and discovery.