Best educational toys of 2022 – 2023 for babies

In the initial stages of infancy, the key to enjoyable and educational playtime involves simple activities such as singing, counting, and nursery rhymes. As your child progresses, opting for toys that promote tactile engagement becomes crucial for enhancing their five senses—touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing.

Curious about when babies begin playing with toys? During the early months, babies mainly observe and listen until they discover their hands, typically around two months old. This stage marks the advent of reaching and grabbing, making it an opportune time to introduce age-appropriate toys.

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Best educational toys of 2022

Here’s a roundup of top baby toys and products designed to help your little one explore the world through color, shape, texture, and sound:

Comforters and Soft Toys:

A comforter can become a cherished companion for some babies, offering soothing comfort during sleep and moments of separation. Opt for a high-quality comforter that can endure unconditional love and frequent washing.

Baby Rattles:

Well-designed rattles provide hours of amusement, aiding in eye-tracking and grasping while teaching cause and effect. Choose a rattle made from chew-friendly materials like natural rubber or wood, with a lightweight and easy-to-hold design. The Natural Wooden Rattle, crafted from 100% Beech Wood, is a popular choice for its non-toxic, antibacterial properties.

Teether Toys:

When teething begins, babies seek relief for sore gums. Invest in baby-safe teethers made from non-toxic, BPA-free materials, such as the 100% Natural Rubber Ducky Teether or Rabbit Ear Teether. These toys are designed for easy gripping and keeping little hands busy.

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Educational Baby Toys:

The best learning and activity toys strike a balance between education and entertainment, aiding motor skills, sensory development, and problem-solving. The Aralva Story cubes, adorned with Australian native symbols, inspire cultural storytelling and symbol recognition. Similarly, Purebaby’s non-toxic Egg Shaker offers sound-filled fun and skill development.


Introduce your baby to the enchanting world of reading from an early age. Books serve as the foundation for language development and offer various social and emotional benefits. Tactile books with flaps, textures, and mirrors cater to babies who enjoy biting and sucking. Board books, like Purebaby’s Let’s Count Wooden Book, introduce fundamental concepts, while picture books like “Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes” contribute to storytelling and language development.

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Encourage a love for reading by spending quality time together, rotating book selections, and showcasing that learning is an enjoyable adventure. Soon, you’ll foster a little bookworm in your midst!

Play Mats:

Elevate playtime and tummy time with the cozy and baby-safe Quilted Play Mat. Crafted from a blend of Organic Cotton and Linen, this mat is not only comfortable but also portable and easily washable—meeting all your play mat needs. Explore Purebaby’s assortment of wooden, soft, or rubber baby toys and accessories, thoughtfully crafted with a focus on safety and sustainability.

Rainbow Abacus:

Engage your toddler in color recognition and counting with the vibrant wood bead abacus inspired by a rainbow. Available in various colors and two sizes, this educational toy serves as excellent practice for fine motor skills as your little one moves the beads.

Educational Toy Clock:

Introduce your child to telling time with this Montessori-style educational toy featuring an interactive wooden clock. With functional clock hands and colorful center tiles representing days of the week, this engaging toy provides a fun way to learn about time.

Math and Counting Board:

Transform math lessons into interactive play with the handcrafted Montessori-inspired “100 board” toy. Explore colored patterns while teaching counting, addition, subtraction, and more to your tot through this educational and playful experience.

Sensory Table for Toddlers:

Opt for the best sensory table for toddlers by filling the bins with age-appropriate sensory items. The included lids help keep everything in place until the next playtime session, providing a versatile and engaging sensory play experience.

Montessori Stacking Stones:

Spark creativity in your 2-year-old by encouraging them to experiment with different combinations while stacking these space-themed wooden stones. This Montessori-inspired activity offers endless stacking possibilities for your toddler’s exploration and enjoyment.

Best Stuffed Animals:

Discover the perfect gift with these irresistibly huggable and lovable stuffed toys designed for toddlers. Certain to become cherished companions for years to come, many of these stuffed animals and dolls offer the option for personalization, making them truly special for the fortunate recipient.

Miniature Plush Family:

Enhance your toddler’s stuffed toy collection with adorable, petite versions of your loved ones, including even the four-legged family members.

Cuddly Frog Plush Toy:

Crafted with organic plush fabric and filled with organic wool, this froggy companion is destined to become a favorite stuffed animal, providing both cuddliness and eco-friendliness.

Custom Baby Doll:

A unique gift idea for 2-year-olds, this stuffed doll toy can be personalized to resemble your toddler or someone special in their life, adding a personal touch to playtime.

Life-Size Stuffed Puppy:

Meet Ziggy the Bernadoodle, a handcrafted pup made from sustainable sheep’s wool. This life-size stuffed puppy is exceptionally soft and cuddly, ideal for the 2-year-old who adores their four-legged friends.

Best Games and Puzzles:

From solo exploration to collaborative play, these interactive games and personalized puzzles are designed to make learning enjoyable, even for toddlers with shorter attention spans.

Human Body Puzzle:

Available in various skin tones, this human body puzzle provides an opportunity to explore the functions of each organ, fostering an understanding of how our bodies work.

Personalized Farm Name Puzzle:

Make learning fun with a wooden farm puzzle customized with your child’s name. Add a second name for a sibling or include the family’s last name for a personalized touch.

Personalized Memory Game for Toddlers:

Featuring animals on wooden discs, this memory game is personalized with a name and designed for little hands. It comes with a convenient wooden storage case for easy organization.

Custom Name Puzzle:

Ideal for practicing letter recognition, custom name puzzles on Etsy offer a variety of designs, colors, patterns, and letter quantities to personalize the learning experience for your toddler.

Pretend-Play Toys:

Designed with imagination and creativity in mind, these pretend-play toys cater to toddlers who delight in make-believe adventures.

Pretend Beauty Play Set:

Transform playtime into a glamorous affair with this pretend-play hair and makeup kit. Equipped with everything 2-year-olds need to brush, blow dry, and primp, it’s a delightful way to foster imagination.

Printable Pretend Grocery Store Items:

Foster creativity with a DIY pretend play grocery set. Featuring a digital download with a cash register, coins, and play food items, this interactive set allows you to craft and play together with your 2-year-old.

Mix and Match Animals:

Explore natural names and sounds with these magnetic creatures that can be mixed and matched to create whimsical members of the animal kingdom.

Positive Affirmations for Children:

Infuse playtime with positivity using a poster print featuring 16 different affirmations for your child. This digital download offers various print sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for framing.

Best Indoor Climbing Gyms for Kids:

Ideal for active and adventurous tots, these indoor climbing gyms provide a playful outlet for energy, easily stowed away when not in use.

Modular Balance Beam:

Specifically designed for new walkers, this low-to-the-ground balance beam is a great gift for 2-year-olds. Its modular design allows you to add more sections, making it suitable for small play areas.

Indoor Climbing Gym:

Unleash hours of fun and exploration with this indoor climbing gym for toddlers. Featuring a foldable triangle climber, ramp, and climbing arch, it offers versatility as you try different combinations together.

Balance Board for Kids:

Introduce a fun physical activity with this balance board for young children. Its imaginative uses are endless, serving as a bridge for toys, a carrying tray, or any other creative purpose your toddler dreams up.

In the journey through early childhood, fostering a love for learning and imaginative play is paramount. The initial stages focus on simple yet engaging activities like singing, counting, and nursery rhymes, laying the foundation for a child’s cognitive development. As infants evolve into toddlers, the introduction of toys promoting tactile engagement becomes crucial in honing their five senses.

This diverse array of toys and activities aims to create a rich, stimulating environment for toddlers, fostering holistic development through play, exploration, and creativity. By incorporating these elements into a child’s early years, we set the stage for a lifelong love of learning and discovery.